On The Wheat Belly Train

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In December 2014, I was going through the book and magazine section of my local drug store when a book caught my eye. Since I had done that little blood sugar experiment on myself, I was looking for more information on the effects of grains on health. The book by Dr. William Davis called “Wheat Belly” literally jumped out at me. I had found my reading material for the week. I was hooked. I learned about the human-engineered hybridizations that make up the various strains of modern wheat. I learned about the effects that eating this wheat had on the different systems in a person’s body.

Now, in my last blog post, I did say that I do not want to talk about all my symptoms as I get older but I am going to break my own self-imposed rule for a minute here. I think it is important to illustrate where I was and where I am now. So, forgive me for breaking my own rule.

I have arthritis in my knees, especially in my right knee which necessitates me to walk with a cane when walking distances. My arthritis was caused by a deformity in the structural makeup of my knees that I was born with. This arthritis has cause chronic pain when I walk and sometimes I had throbbing pain in my right knee at rest. I came to the conclusion that if eliminating wheat from my diet would diminish that amount of pain I endured daily, it would be a huge achievement. I am not the type of person that likes to take any kind of medication. Various pain medications has potential side effects that I am not willing to risk. The more natural the remedy, the better in my eyes.

I finished reading “Wheat Belly” in mid-December and decided to embark on the wheat free lifestyle to see if it would work. What a crazy time to start….Christmas comes with all the delicious cookies and treats but I was bound and determined. My grown sons supported my decision to go wheat free and one of my sons even gave me a Paleo Cookbook for Christmas.

The results? The chronic pain that I have in my right knee is significantly reduced. The occasional episodes of indigestion that I would get after eating completely disappeared and the 10 pounds of extra weight that had gradually crept up on me over the past 10 years melted away. That was a nice added bonus especially since I wasn’t even trying to lose weight.

2 Weight LossI have since gone on to purchasing “Wheat Belly Total Health” and “Wheat Belly 30 Minute or Less Cookbook”. Out of all three books I refer to the “Wheat Belly Total Health” book most often. For the first few months of the transition to becoming wheat free, I would get calf muscle cramping at night. Reading about how muscle cramping can be caused by a magnesium deficiency and the tip of drinking magnesium water (recipe in the book) totally relieved me of those painful muscle cramps. The Total Health book has many other tips and advice that was not in the original book.

Am I a fan of Dr. William Davis? Oh yeah.


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