Chicken Caesar Salad

Here is a healthy version of the classic Chicken Caesar Salad. There are no croutons or bacon in this recipe. The dressing is home made so you know exactly what you are eating. I like to put Havarti cheese in my Caesar salad as well as some mixed greens. It is a bit different but it’s tasty. You will get two servings out of this recipe. Continue reading “Chicken Caesar Salad”

Explain Forget the Wheat

Today, I am going to talk about wheat and why it is the food that people should not be eating. I would like to see people forget the wheat in their diet so that their health can be the best that it can be. I will try to explain in terms that are brief and not too technical as to why eating wheat is not healthy. Continue reading “Explain Forget the Wheat”

Sweet and Sour Shredded Beef

Here is a Sweet and Sour Shredded Beef recipe that I updated from one of my old Chinese food recipes to make it more in tune to the way I eat today (low carbohydrate). Instead of sugar in my recipes, I will use either pure maple syrup or honey as a sweetener (very sparingly). In this recipe, I use maple syrup. Continue reading “Sweet and Sour Shredded Beef”

Healthy Whole Grains and Diabetes

If you look at the diet recommendations by either the Canadian Diabetes Association or the American Diabetes Association you will notice something in common. The official recommendations include reducing total fats and saturated fats in food. The recommendations also include eating carbohydrates up to 300 grams a day. Furthermore, the official recommendations state that this daily carbohydrate consumption can be achieved through eating “Healthy Whole Grains”. Continue reading “Healthy Whole Grains and Diabetes”