Indoor Herb Gardening

Indoor Herb Gardening

Today I am going to talk about indoor herb gardening. I found out years ago that gardening and eating the right food to maintain optimum health go hand in hand. Along with growing the usual fruits and vegetables, herbs are a must. Of course, a person can grow their own herbs outside in the garden in the summer but what happens in the winter? The good thing is that many fresh herbs can be grown indoors year round. There are the standard ways of growing herbs indoors and then there is some pretty unique ways.

These past few months, I have been experimenting with one of those unique ways of growing herbs indoors. I have not quite perfected my herb growing technique yet using this system but I have been able to harvest and use some basic kitchen herbs.

Meet Bert Betta (He’s a bit camera shy). Bert Beta

 Bert is the permanent resident of my AquaFarm. Aquafarm is a closed loop ecosystem where the waste product of fish (in this case Bert’s waste) feed the herbs growing on top of the small aquarium. The herbs in turn, purify the water.

This picture that I took today is after I did some tank maintenance and I have now planted a whole new set of herbs that should be ready to be harvested in a few weeks.Herb Planting

For this round, I am attempting to grow:

  • Parsley, which is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B12, Vitamin C and vitamin K.
  • Oregano, which contains high amounts of omega 3, iron, manganese and antioxidants.
  • Basil which contains vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese.
  • Sage, which is known for its natural antiseptic, preservative and bacteria-killing abilities in meat.

Of course, growing herbs indoors don’t have to be as elaborate as the closed loop ecosystem that I am using. Basically all you need to grow herbs are some small pots or containers with good soil in it and seeds. Sprinkle the herb seeds into the pot or container and cover the seeds lightly with soil. Keep the soil moist by watering often and keep the pots near a window, preferably a south facing window. Another option is that you can purchase pre-made herb garden kits and follow the instructions in the kits.

Try your hand at indoor herb gardening. Herb gardening can be done anywhere indoors. If a person lives in a house, a small apartment or a condominium, they can have an herb garden. The amount of space that this type of gardening takes up is very small. If you have your own herb garden, you will always have fresh herbs to add to your meals. You will also have the knowledge that the herbs that you add to your food will be healthy because they are not contaminated with pesticides.


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