Health Promotion in the Grocery Store

Health Promotion

I was out at my local grocery store yesterday picking up some fresh fruits and vegetables when I noticed this sign posted prominently in the produce section: “Kids Fresh Fruit Club”. This allows any child 14 years and under to pick one piece of fruit from their selections in the produce department. I looked at that sign and thought that this was a great health promotion strategy for healthy eating.

According to the PDF entitled “Supermarket Strategies to encourage healthy eating: Click Here

“Supermarkets are uniquely positioned to help shoppers eat more healthfully, and many shoppers would welcome guidance on choosing and preparing foods to help them stay healthy. A recent report by Catalina Marketing Institute found that 66% of grocery shoppers are looking for ways to improve their health and wellness, and that shoppers are receptive to services to help them make healthy food choices and manage health concerns. However, only half agree that their primary supermarket helps them in these efforts. Just 1 in 4 shoppers feels their supermarket helps them manage their personal health concerns.” 

When I was a young mother and I went to do the grocery shopping, many times I had to take my two active boys along with me. In the beginning they would try to talk me into buying them something that was not the healthiest but eventually they did settle down to accepting my choices as to what was acceptable to ask for. Of course, being boys, there was usually a bit of push back.

I wish that this health promotion strategy was available back in the day when my kids were young. It would have made my grocery shopping excursions with the kids a little bit easier.

I hope to see this strategy to be implemented in all the major grocery store chains across the country. The more this strategy is implemented, the more children will be exposed to the habit of eating fresh produce when they are hungry. Right now, there is an obesity epidemic happening all over the world because there is easy accessibility to processed foods. If fresh produce is also made easily accessible to the new generation, will this be a factor in slowing down the epidemic? I personally think that this would make a difference.

In the meantime, I would like to say “Thank You!” to Hansen’s, my local towns’ grocery store for implementing the “Kids Fresh Fruit Club”. It is wonderful to see community minded health promotion in action.

Now, will they soon implement the “Seniors Fresh Vegetable Club”? (Just joking)

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