Creating a Healthy Kitchen – Refrigerator

Healthy Kitchen Refrigerator

Today continues the series about creating a healthy kitchen. Our focus is going to be in the refrigerator. Going through the refrigerator can be a daunting task for some. Especially if on occasion, a person has come across something that looks like a science experiment nestled deep within the dark corner of the vegetable crisper.

But that is all going to change today. Prepare to set aside a few hours and get started in making your refrigerator healthy food friendly. First, start with the shelves on the refrigerator door. This is the place where most people store their condiments such as mustard, relish, ketchup and such. All of those little glass and plastic jars need to be examined as to their contents and you will make a decision as to whether or not they belong in your healthy kitchen. Pay special attention and read the ingredients on the labels. The majority of condiments in a person’s fridge is filled with many unpronounceable ingredients.


Look for natural ingredients on the label. Make sure there is no sugar, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup listed on the label. If it is, throw it out. If you can’t read it, you can’t eat it. Any soft drinks are now barred from a place in your fridge. Any kind of margarine also do not qualify as earning a spot in your fridge so throw out any and all types of margarine.

Be especially wary of salad dressings that you may have in your fridge. Ninety-nine percent of all bottled salad dressings are not fit for human consumption and should be tossed out. Homemade salad dressing is the much better option and most homemade dressings can be made and stored for one week in the fridge.

Next go to the main section of your fridge and evaluate the foods suitability for consumption shelf by shelf. Aim for whole natural food to reside in this prime real estate. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and unprocessed meats should dominate your refrigerator shelves. Organize them in plastic containers in the style that suits your needs the best. Make sure you do a quick wash of the shelves and surfaces of your fridge and you are done this part.

Finally, go into the freezer compartment of your fridge and do a thorough inventory as to what is healthy for consumption and what is not. Throw out anything that is deemed unhealthy. Do a quick wipe down of the freezer section and you are done with the clean out. As with the clearing out of the junk food in your pantry yesterday, make sure this food goes straight to the garbage. If you can time it so that the cleaning of the fridge happens a day before garbage pickup day, you will reduce the chance of any critters checking out your yummy junk food around your place.

As with the instructions given yesterday in regards to pantry organization, make a grocery list of the items you will need to purchase so that you have the fridge items on hand when you try your new recipes. Go out to the grocery store and purchase the items and place them in your newly cleaned fridge.

With your pantry and fridge totally cleared out of unhealthy food, you are now free from unwanted temptation every time you step into your kitchen. Enjoy your clean healthy kitchen!


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