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Healthy Kitchen

So you made a decision to start eating food that will keep you healthy and feeling great. To do this, you need a healthy kitchen. There is one small problem though. Right now, your pantry is full of temptations. You see packages of corn chips, chocolate chip cookies, Campbell’s tomato soup, maybe some Kraft Dinner and a few boxes of cereal. There are many more things I could mention but you get the idea. To make a clean break from the food that has been making you sick, you need to take the bull by the horns and set aside a few hours to get this task completed. When you have set aside the time, I want you to completely go through your pantry and remove every single piece of unhealthy food in there. Once the unhealthy food has been removed from your cupboard, you need to immediately get that unhealthy food out of the house and place them in the garbage. Now I know that there are a few folks out there that are saying “That is so wasteful! I spent my hard earned money on that and she expects me to throw food out?”

There is a very good reason why I want you to throw the food out. I know that you spent your money on this food. But now you know about better nutrition and you realize that the food you are throwing out is pure junk food. And junk food belongs in the garbage, not in your stomach where it causes havoc with your health. I know that there are some folks out there that would prefer to give the unopened packages of junk food to the food bank and that may be a viable option for some. I personally could not do that. In my mind, giving junk food to the food bank is not helping the people who really need good food to sustain their health. When I donate food to the food bank, I make sure that the food I donate is healthy food.

Make a list

Now that your pantry has been cleared out of all the unhealthy food, it is time to make a shopping list of the food that you want to replace them with. Think about the healthy recipes you want to try and make sure the ingredients for those recipes are on your list if you don’t already have them in your pantry. Think about getting nut butters (such as almond butter – a big staple in my diet), various kinds of nuts, almond meal, flax seed and healthy varieties of trail mixes.


Go out to the grocery store, purchase the items on your list, bring them home and immediately put them away in your new and improved pantry. There will most likely be a lot of empty space in your pantry now but don’t worry, in future blog posts in the healthy kitchen series, I will be talking about other ways to add essential food to your pantry and you are going to need that empty space to store this food.

You will probably be feeling exhausted when you finish the tasks outlined above. That was a lot of work on your part! When you have finished, reward yourself by munching on a piece of your favorite fruit, vegetable or make yourself a smoothie. The next installment of creating a healthy kitchen will be in tomorrow’s blog post.


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