Smoothies and Juicing

I have been making smoothies for decades now. I first started making smoothies when I purchased my first “Magic Bullet” in the 1990’s. My boys as they got older, learned how to make their own smoothies with their own ingredients and after a few years of continuous use, that hard working “Magic Bullet” finally bit the dust when the motor burnt out. That didn’t end my passion for making smoothies. I bought another Magic Bullet and when the “Nutri Bullet” came out, I graduated to that machine. I have also purchased various juicing machines throughout the years and occasionally I will juice my vegetable. Juicing has its place but if I were to choose between the two, I personally prefer making smoothies as I know that I would receive the fiber along with the juice. Fiber is so important to a “mature” person if you know what I mean. Making smoothies is only a personal preference. Each person will need to experiment and come up with their own choice as to how they would like to consume their own whole foods in liquid form. Continue reading “Smoothies and Juicing”