Antibiotic Free Meat

What does the fast food chains Wendy’s®, Subway® and McDonalds® all have in common? All three of these fast food chains are either serving or have pledged to serve antibiotic free meat within the next 2 years. This a major step in the right direction towards giving the general public access to healthier food options. Continue reading “Antibiotic Free Meat”

Health Promotion in the Grocery Store

I was out at my local grocery store yesterday picking up some fresh fruits and vegetables when I noticed this sign posted prominently in the produce section: “Kids Fresh Fruit Club”. This allows any child 14 years and under to pick one piece of fruit from their selections in the produce department. I looked at that sign and thought that this was a great health promotion strategy for healthy eating. Continue reading “Health Promotion in the Grocery Store”

Bison Chili Heart Healthy Recipe

Today is Valentines Day. Valentines day highlights all the affairs of the heart so today I thought that I would give you a quick thirty minute recipe that you can try that would be good for your heart. This recipe is called Quick Bison Chili. The reason why this recipe is good for your heart is because it contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates and sugars. Excessive carbohydrates is converted by your body into destructive plaque forming triglycerides and low density lipoproteins. By keeping your triglycerides and LDL low, you greatly reduce you risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease in general. Continue reading “Bison Chili Heart Healthy Recipe”

Brain Food Should Be in Your Kitchen

Are you wondering about what food is good for your brain and what food can harm your brain? My blog post today is going to be about food that helps your mind to stay sharp (I call this food “Brain Food”). I am also going to talk about the food that prevents your brain from working its best. Continue reading “Brain Food Should Be in Your Kitchen”