An Apple a Day

Apple a Day

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. There is much truth in that old saying. I was sitting here in front of my computer munching on an Empire apple and wondering what I was going to talk about today. I looked at my Empire apple and the decision was made. I am talking about apples!

There are many health benefits to consuming apples. Studies have shown that consuming apples on a daily basis may help reduce the risk of a person developing diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and cancer. Studies that have shown that eating apples reduce serum cholesterol as well.

There have also been studies that show that the antioxidants in apples may help to reduce neuron cellular death caused by inflammation and oxidation. What does this mean? Eating apples may reduce a person’s risk of developing certain types of dementia such as Alzheimer’ disease.

What makes apples such a wonderful fruit to eat? Apples are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, favanoids and dietary fiber. They also contain vitamin C, some B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin and vitamin B6.

Apples can be consumed many different ways. They can be eaten as is, baked, made into applesauce, mixed into juices and smoothies and they can be dehydrated.

Apple Chips

My favorite snack food of all time are apple chips. When I am in the mood to make apple chips, I drive to an apple orchard that is located a few miles away from me and I pick up a large bag of apples. For making apple chips I like to use either Ambrosia or Honey Crisp because when these apples are dehydrated and made into apple chips, the chips have a mild sweet taste. I have in my kitchen an Excaliber food dehydrator and a handy crank type apple peeler-slicer-corer. With my apple peeler-slicer-corer I can prepare 10 pounds of apples and have them in the dehydrator in 20 minutes. Twelve hours later, the dried apples are officially apple chips and I place these apple chips in 1 quart Mason jars and store them in my pantry. Sometimes I add cinnamon to my apples prior to dehydrating for a tasty variation.

I do a bit of preserving at various times of the year. Preserving certain food has reduced my overall grocery costs for the year. Apple sauce is one staple that I preserve and store in Mason jars and these cans of apple sauce are great to stock in my pantry. Apple sauce can be added to so many different recipes.

Some people may ask about pesticides that the apple growers’ use on their apple trees and whether this is harmful. As with all other fruits and vegetables, I recommend washing your apples well before consuming. As long as you wash your apples well, the risk of pesticide contamination is minimal. A word of caution, do not eat apples seeds as the apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide. When juicing apples, make sure you don’t put the core into the juicer.

So, as you can see, there are many ways that you can get in your apple a day. The choice is now up to you. Enjoy!


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