Smoothies and Juicing

I have been making smoothies for decades now. I first started making smoothies when I purchased my first “Magic Bullet” in the 1990’s. My boys as they got older, learned how to make their own smoothies with their own ingredients and after a few years of continuous use, that hard working “Magic Bullet” finally bit the dust when the motor burnt out. That didn’t end my passion for making smoothies. I bought another Magic Bullet and when the “Nutri Bullet” came out, I graduated to that machine. I have also purchased various juicing machines throughout the years and occasionally I will juice my vegetable. Juicing has its place but if I were to choose between the two, I personally prefer making smoothies as I know that I would receive the fiber along with the juice. Fiber is so important to a “mature” person if you know what I mean. Making smoothies is only a personal preference. Each person will need to experiment and come up with their own choice as to how they would like to consume their own whole foods in liquid form. Continue reading “Smoothies and Juicing”

Sugar, The Bitter Truth

Sugar is harming our health. I have seen first hand the effects of sugar consumption. Three years ago, I was working as a Nurse Diabetes Educator for a Community Health Center. One of my clients came in for her routine appointment and told me about Dr. Robert H Lustig and his lecture. This lecture can be found on YouTube and it is called “Sugar, the Bitter Truth”. As a person that is always interested in nutrition matters, I took the time to watch the hour and a half lecture that evening on YouTube. I am not in the habit of drinking soft drinks, processed fruit juices or fruit drinks so I believed at that time that I was not consuming high fructose corn syrup. Continue reading “Sugar, The Bitter Truth”

On The Wheat Belly Train

In December 2014, I was going through the book and magazine section of my local drug store when a book caught my eye. Since I had done that little blood sugar experiment on myself, I was looking for more information on the effects of grains on health. The book by Dr. William Davis called “Wheat Belly” literally jumped out at me. I had found my reading material for the week. I was hooked. I learned about the human-engineered hybridizations that make up the various strains of modern wheat. I learned about the effects that eating this wheat had on the different systems in a person’s body. Continue reading “On The Wheat Belly Train”

Whole Grains And Blood Sugar

First, I would like to say, welcome to my blog. This is my first venture into the world of Blogging and I decided to concentrate on an area in my life that is near and dear to me, “FOOD!” Not just the run of the mill everyday food but the food that I have always gravitated towards. The food that will keep me healthy. Currently, at the time that I am writing this post, I am a 57 year old woman, a nurse and a diabetes educator. I am basically healthy and not on any medications. I do have arthritis but I do not have any problems with weight, blood pressure or diabetes. As any “older” person can tell you, as you gain in years, you also can accumulate more and more health issues. Have you ever been to a social event and ended up sitting at a table where the older people there were swapping stories of their latest aches, pains and illnesses? I am bound and determined to keep my body in a good a shape as possible and not fall into the trap of talking about my latest trip to the doctor to people I rarely know. Health is the greatest gift that a person can bestow on themselves and I believe that everyone is in the driver’s seat when it comes to maintaining their own health. Continue reading “Whole Grains And Blood Sugar”